Archaic & Somewhat Recent Work


New work and ephemera:

A new book!  The Fluke Illuminator, over 60 visual poems in collaboration with John M. Bennett, out now and available from Luna Bisonte Prods:

Longer text-based poetry, including a visual poem, featured in Barzakh:

Tumblr site for “Lists: An International Exhibit,” which was held in 2014 at Gallery 308 in Minneapolis. LISTS presented more than 80 lists created by artists and scholars from the US, Germany, France England, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Japan. Be surprised, use this link and scroll around to find my list and check out the lists of others:

An essay for the National Poetry Foundation’s site, written by Daniel Nester about the poet/sound-poet Bliem Kern, which includes a brief interview with non other than Michael Peters:

“The —Zoic Sphere,” published by Barzakh, includes the visual poem-cum-architectural plans, images of the plan’s actual realization on the University at Albany campus, and an essay on the plans and realization of “The —Zoic Sphere” that includes some notes toward “real fiction:”

Two poems from the Experimental Earth Research Station for Poets for Living Waters:

Links to 1.) poetic work (nascent poems from the Experimental Earth Research Station), 2.) a recording of reading, and 3.) an essay “Dreaming Things Up in Ferrini’s House”—all three of which were conducted during a March 2013 residency at the Gloucester Writers Center, Gloucester, MA:
1. —
2. —
3. —

Two poems published in Polis:
& a reading of one of these same poems, which was captured on film by Richard Owens in 2012:

A visual poem featured in a Paris Review online book review of The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998 – 2008 as well as a featured image on the Paris Review’s Pinterest page: (image 9, at bottom)

Work included in The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998 – 2008, a major 2012 anthology of c. 120 visual poets from c. 20 different countries:
The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998 – 2008

Excerpts from a visual poetry collaboration with John M. Bennett (The Fluke Illuminator), which appeared in Truck:

Excerpt of Michael Peters reading at the Bright Pink Mosquito launch party at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s in New York City, 3.30.2012:


A sampling of visual poetic work, not Vaast Bin-related:


The following is an incomplete list of links to various types of labors and endeavors. It does not include a number of works that have appeared in print journals or anthologies.

Review of E (and sometimes why), a recording featuring “The Tempest, Fuggit,” a Michael Peters and Al Margolis (If, Bwana) collaboration:

Michael Peters “The Conquest of Saturn” at GSCA Gallery in Albany, NY, 8.7.2010, on WGXC, 90.7 FM:
Audio File: The Conquest of Saturn

Visual Poetry/Mailart for the Skylab Exhibit (August 2010), cultivated and curated by C. Mehrl Bennett:

Interview with the Post-NeoAbsurdists, as co-editor of Word for/Word #16:

A spatial call to arms, a review of Klane’s B, and an essay on politics, poetry magnets, and appliances—all in one, Word for/Word #15:

Included in the initial run of Paper Kite Press’s Visual Poetry Poster Series: [Scroll down.]

“War Machines; Or, Reverse Psychology,” BathHouse Hypermedia Journal:

First issue of Sous Rature, an on-line journal:

A “Flüffen Jungle Port,” for Word for/Word #13:

Fluke Illuminator excerpts, a visual poetry collaboration w/John M. Bennett:

See Word for/Word archive for early work, scroll down to Michael Peters:

Four visual poems from the 2005 Durban Segnini Gallery show (Miami, FL):

Anthology Spidertangle, an anthology of vispo (Xexoxial Editions):

An issue of Posted, edited by Philip Gallo and Scott Helmes: